Non-recourse factoring

Business Area
Non-recourse factoring
Non-recourse factoring for trade receivables towards public administrations and hospitals
  • risks reduction: the supplier transfer to BFF the debtor’s insolvency risk
  • certainty of receivable assignment cost (single all-in fee)
  • cash flow and collections planning
  • improved working capital and financial ratios

BFF’s non-recourse factoring is the most appropriate financial instrument for companies providing goods or services to the PA or national health authorities that are subject to payment times that go beyond the natural contractual maturity.

The assignment is permanent and the assignor transfers ownership of the receivable to BFF, who guaranteeing immediate payout, with earlier collection times and better cash flows.

BFF’s non-recourse factoring is IAS compliant and US GAAP compliant by the leading auditing firms.

The receivable can be assigned using one-shot, global assignment or target DSO contracts.